Friday, February 08, 2013

Low Rise Construction

Concrete and Low Rise Construction. I was reading a trade magazine and I realised that I really did not know what “Low Rise” Construction is. Opposite of “Hi Rise”,  I thought. I knew Low Rise was touted as green, sustainable, smaller cabon footprint, commonly made of alternate materials for envronmental reasons. But what is it Low Rise technically? I thought of Deephaven One.
Chowen's today - Deephaven.
I checked an architectural website and found a few definitions: This one from a man from Texas:

“A low-rise is any building that can technincally be constructed of sticks and bricks - which is usually no more than four stories, five if you have metal studs.

A mid rise is defined as any building, the floor of whose upper-most level does not exceed 70’ or 75’ (I think it is seventy). Which is generally no more then eight stories.

A high rise is anything where the floor of the upper most level is higher than that 70’ and you get into all sorts of new regs for pressurizing the stairwells etc.” Another expert was very matter of fact, and quite different. 5-12 - Low Rise 13-39 - High Rise 40+ - Skyscraper


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