Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Reflecting on a Turkey Burger

1985, near Spicer MN. I was relaxing and gazing out at Green Lake. My bourbon-primed host was a ranking member of “The American Turkey Growers Association”. He spoke glowingly to me about the potential of the turkey market, like the neighbor in the Graduate spoke of “plastics”. The marketing of turkey as a year-round food staple was a passion of my host. He offered me a job, he offered everyone a job! He loved turkey marketing - come to Spicer and sell that turkey! I contagiously agreed. .. about the gobbler’s potential. I had read about the boom in turkey sales in Advertising Age Magazine. I was an expert. But I was not moving to Spicer, even with a bourbon chaser. I remember that conversation when ever I order a heart- healthy turkey burger at Maynards... or I grill a turkey breast, make turkey chili, or a turkey tourrine. He was right. - and He flips me the bird. turkeyburger


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