Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Stumbling on "Raising the Minnehaha"

Running down the trail about a week ago I saw the ocher colored “Minnehaha” Steamer up on blocks. She was being cleaned and prepped for winter storage. It was interesting to see the yellow steamer out of water. Then, as I continued my run, she faded from my focus and my memory. A few days later, rummaging through the paperback books in the still-packed boxes from our more to Shorewood, I found a book... and I do not remember how I come to have it. “Salvaged Memories” by Jerry Provost. The author/illustrator has passed away (1999) but left a very interesting documentation of the raising of the “Minnehaha”. An odd coincidence, or perhaps I was just more attuned. I will write more later. Minnehaha Steamer heading away


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