Friday, January 02, 2015

The Lifetime "Commitment 5K" - I was Committed!

My 5K Victory reception I had to focus. So, I did not carry my camera during the run- although I considered it. By my own estimate, there were about 300 participants and the run was well organized. We took off on time, with music blaring and the dull thud of applause from gloved hands. It was my first running event as a participant in over 20 years, so my goal was simple. Run a comfortable pace and see what my physical status was. Result: Pretty slow. Period. I have plenty of speed so there is a lot of room for improvement. I purposefully did not push at the end, although I certainly could have. The course was curving, a bit slippery, and hilly. This was not the kind of run where one could settle into a comfortable pace and motor. It required gear changes and open eyes. Very cross-country in style as we wandered around the wetlands. - Thanks to the Lifetime staff and volunteers for making this a very pleasant experience.


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