Monday, March 14, 2016

Luck of the Lake 5K - Excelsior. March 12

Saturday morning was sunny and warm. I positioned myself by the bridge at St. Alban's Bay. I was the sole spectator at this point. This explains why so many of the near 2,00 runners took the opportunity to say good morning to me. It surprised me.

The runners were fast this year, and the times reflected it. Many breezed by me at the end running some pretty good times. The winners Nate Hoffman and Amy Omanran 15:44 and 18:37 respectively.

In my bracket, the over 60 group, there were some really good times and I May update later> I would hve been hard presssed to make the top... 5. But I wanted to watch this year, and I am sticking with that excuse.


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