Friday, April 08, 2016

The River Edge

 Standing on the water's edge. Watching the river flow.
 I thought to myself, what are the longest rivers in Minnesota? -  and I found a DNR web site that listed them and the miles they covered within Minnesota. I went to 11 because, well,  I just  like the name "Rum River".  From what I read, it earned its name when  a Canadian trapper lost his precious cargo when overturned  on this river. Myth or not it is fitting and .... well,  Minnehaha Creek  is also named after a fictional character from Longfellow.

1    Mississippi River    681.3
2    Red River                457.1
3    Minnesota River    370.6
4    Rainy River            292.1
5    Red Lake River    252.8
6    Bigfork River    220.7
7    St. Louis River    197.1
8    Otter Tail River    195.7
9    North Fork Crow River    178.3
10    Wild Rice River    173.5
11    Rum River    168.7


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