Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excelsior remembered - The White House

The White House

Excelsior's White House

"Looking up at the White House in Excelsior. It was located on Lake and Water Street site of Haskell's now (2011). The first building on the bluff at the southeast corner of Water and Lake Streets was the Jenkins House built in 1866. In 1872 the old Jenkins House was rebuilt by son Grant Jenkins into a two-story frame house with room for 30 people. It was owned by a Mrs. Simpson and was called the Simpson House until confusion with the new Sampsion House a few years later led them to rename it the White House. In 1921 The Woman's Club of Minnetonka bought it and called it their Community House and prepared one room for a public library. In 1929 the Minnetonka Woman's donated the White House to the Minnesota Sunshine Society which converted it into a home for the aged. In 1946 the building was razed. The hill it was on was also leveled for commercial buildings."
Taken From: 'Lake Minnetonka's Historic Hotels'




Blogger HOA Mgr Lady said...

The travesty! oy veh!

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Blogger minnetonkafelix said...

Hi HOA Lady!

Times change.

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