Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A mosaic serving tray by Shorewood artist, Joan Wilson

Mosaic serving tray I purchased this lovely tray from Joan at Excelsior Apple Days. I hope she doesn't mind my using her first name. We hardly spoke, I just swiped a card and I had the tray. Joan was busy chatting with other artistic admirers. Mosaics have a personal fascination for me, I spent many hours in Catholic grade school fiddling with cut up pieces of colored construction paper and paper paste. I was making paper mosaics for the Felician nuns.... The 3 Magi, Christmas trees, Nativity scenes. I drew the scenes by hand on black paper and then filled them in. By the 4th grade I was the go-to guy for the nuns all the way up to 8th grade. I was rewarded with candy form their private stash.


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