Friday, August 12, 2005

Will I Be Accidentally Crowned Corn King?

The Lakeshore Weekly News ad states: "All the Corn You Can Eat! - for a small fee." at the Long Lake Corn Days Festival August 13-14th.

In small towns around Lake Minnetonka during the summer, for just a few days, things slip back in time. People eat sweet corn, brats, and drink beer from paper cups. Crafts festivals feature things made with popsicle sticks, jigsaw cut pine boards and macramé. High school garage bands step to center stage. Marching bands perform percussion & brass renditions of 70s pop songs. The mayor's niece aces out the daughter of the Local Hardware Store owner for Corn Queen. Bingo abounds.
I will be on hand to photograph the splendor. The Corn Days Grand Parade will have Bob Fischer as the Grand Marshall. The dance stand will feature "Stampede", "Sensations Latina", and local fave "Absolute Gruv".
My job is to get answers!

Who is (Grand Marshall) Bob Fischer? Not the infamous chess player, I am sure he is in a Japanese prison.
What is the 'small fee' for all you can eat corn on the cob? I'm guessing it is about $1.50
What kind of ice cream is available?
Is the 'carny section' fixed as usual - I will test it!
- More news and photos to come!


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