Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tonka Toys Not Found On Vikings Tour Boat

The Hennepin County Sheriff confirmed Friday that the "toys" found strewn about the Al and Alma Cruise Boats were not the famous Tonka Toys so loved by children. He declined any further discussion regarding the "toys" found.

Tonka Toys were first manufactured in 1947 by Mound Metal Crafting (a company locatd by Lake Minnetonka- thus the name Tonka) to appeal to children of the true baby boom generation; Soldiers beginning families after returning from WWII. - This original demographic breakdown has been expanded into meaninglessness.... but I digress. The original "Big Dump Truck" sold out the 35,000 production run in 3 months.

I have been reading the history of Tonka Toys, and it really is quite interesting and sad. It is now a subsidiary of Hasbro with no manufacturing in the United States. - More to come.


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