Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Vikings On Minnetonka - UPDATE - Again

Tuesday morning news:
It is reported that notable, but unnamed, Minnesota Vikings Players (the “queens” as we endeeringly call them) are being investigated for “lude and disordery conduct”. It seems that unnamed players hired call girls for a Minnetonka Cruise Boat as the entertainment. First off, let me say this: This is done all the time. I have seen the ladies boarding the boats at Excelsior Bay. I have seen the independant contractors working the ice houses in February. Quickly and finally; I have come a long way to say this: As football players the Vikings couldn’t buy a score. Now, they have found a way.

A Mound (a township abuttting Lake Minnetonka) resident began the string of events when she called the Mound Police. She watched a limosine service stop in front of her house and 7 Vikings players piled out and proceeded to urinate on her front lawn. When she complained to them, they simply blew her off. "It is only water" said one.
They proceeded to go to Al and Almas Lake Cruise and Catering service where what has been described as a 70 person orgy occurred. Steven Doyle, Attorney for "Al and Alma's" states that their crew was "shocked and in fear" by the activities of the Vikings on Al and Almas 2 tour boats. The tawdry details will surely surface in the alphabet news, but it is basically rich jerks with too much money and pathetic taste.

Remember-these guys have a 1 and 3 record. Allow me to clarify that. They have barely eeked out 1 victory over The New Orleans Saints, a team that had just been displaced by Katrina and had played a tough game only 4 days earlier. - New Orleans lost this week to the previously winless Green Bay Packers 52-3.

Relax: Decorum will return to this blog. Autumn colors photos will be posted this weekend.


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