Monday, December 05, 2005

Crosstown Health Club - Encounters of a 2nd Kind

The hours before a Minnesota Vikings Football Game can be quiet at the normally frenetic Crosstown Health Club in Eden Prairie, MN. This proved to be the case on Sunday, with some notable exceptions.
Working through my normal weight routine ( large to small muscles) I found myself moving toward the end of my weight workout where I work with dumbells (joke omitted) in front of one of a 100 yard long mirror. Aside from vanity, mirrors are there so you can check your lifting form.
As I began my curls, a very provocatively dressed young woman began to lift on a bench to my left. As a normal male, her presence was duly noted. to my right two very muscular young men were also working out.. apparently they did not know each other.
The young woman provocatively strolled by them like a fly fisherman waving a fly above the stream. I watched. She then passed by them a second time, bumping into one of the two - with no visible effect. The woman had given it a journeyman's effort.
Then I overheard the two men's conversations. "Would you like me to spot you?" , "You've got great form". It seems that the young men were engrossed in flirting with each other.


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