Friday, December 16, 2005

Shopping In Wayzata

It is 6:46 am. Today, among a myriad of other tasks, I will shop in Wayzata. Shopping in Wayzata is the exact opposite of shopping in the Mall of America. Small shops with small staffs. Walking along main steet, and yes, some contemporary strip malls. Trains pass along the adjoining lakefront at regular intervals. Snow on the sidewalk at times. My favorite thing is the people, and the small scale (prices not small). Excellent quirky choice of merchandise that you cannot find easily anwhere else.
Coffeshops and good restaurants abound.

And Now, A Special Holiday feature:

Cha Cha Cha Chia- A great gift for everyone! Joseph Industries- This company also produces "The Clapper'. If nothing else we thank them for years of humor.

Chia head tribute for my blog

What types of Chia animals are available? 

Currently, Chia Pets are available in Chia Bunny, Chia Frog, Chia Hippo, Chia Kitten, Chia Pig, Chia Puppy, Chia Bear, Chia Turtle, and Chia Tree.

In 1996 Joseph Industries also introduced four Chia Heads: Chia Guy, Chia Clown, Chia Professor, and Chia Kid.
Why are Chia items only sold during the holiday season?

Chia Pets and Chia Heads are handmade pottery items. It takes an entire year to produce enough Pets and Heads for one holiday season.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got a Chia with no seeds for Christmas, but can't find a website to request a seed packet. Any ideas?

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