Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wireless Internet - A New Utility for Lake Minnetonka?

A New Utility or Little Brother Comes Knocking?

From the Lakeshore Weekly:
“The Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission(LMCC) met recently to discuss whether a wireless Internet system would make sense for the Lake Minnetonka area.”

I would like the LMCC to define “makes sense” and for whom. It makes sense for the LMCC. The 17 member cities would, through the LMCC, provide you with the service you had previously privately purchased. At a nominal fee, this new public utility would have incredible access to information you have on your computer, on your internet usage and on your consumer habits... all with your approval. - And what a fun new toy for the LMCC.

About the LMCC from their web site:
“The Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission is a joint powers agreement of seventeen cities with two representatives appointed from each city. The general purpose is to administer and enforce a non-exclusive franchise agreement with the cable company. The Commission fields subscriber concerns and guides studio policy. Commission meetings are held monthly and are open to the public. To learn more, contact the LMCC at (952) 471-7125. The Lake Minnetonka Communications Commission strives to ensure appropriate cable communications standards to its cities' residents. The LMCC also provides a television studio for public use and is dedicated to providing our communities with television production training and cablecast access at no charge.”

I encourage Lake Minnetonka residents to study this “new utility”. The City of Minneapolis is currently evaluating which of 2 companies to partner with in their new wireless system. 2 companies. I wonder how involved and informed the citizens of Minneapolis have been in the development of this new utility.


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