Monday, February 20, 2006

8 Below In the Excelsior Dock

The Excelsior Dock Movie Theater is as close to a retro movie going experience as I have had in years. The proximity to my home, and basic feeling of comfort keep me coming back. It is just what you would expect of a small town theater. The manager has acne. The trailers are often overdubbed with local business ads - yes you can have your kids shoes electroplated right in downtown Excelsior, and Susan's Chiropractic is well adjusted. The candy is often old, - my box of Dots were pre-mordial.
But the audience, to my surprise and assuarance is mostly quiet, and the screen in focus. Cell phones do not go off and they actually pull a burgundy curtain back at the beginning of the film. Well, in the end I enjoy the experience and leave with a gut filled with cheap candy and diet pop ready to discuss the film.
Now for the movie - a Disney Film for dog lovers called "8 Below". Don't expect high art, but then when do we expect high art? Not in todays "Shaggy Dog 2" world. I enjoyed the B film quality, and since we are Minnesotans we are acquainted with cold weather. We could relate to the cold crackling ice scenes and phony frost bit fingers. It is also kind of refreshing to sit in an audience of people sincerely sobbing.


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