Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ken More passed away.

Lost In A Maze Of Voice Recognition

Monday our washing machine died. It was a quiet death, the repairman opened her lower unit, then simply closed her up an shook his head. “I am sorry, there is little I can do. The transmission is shot. I can keep her alive for a while, but the quality of life for a 20” top loader just wont be there. I recommend you simply pull the plug".

I paid the Excelsior Appliance repairman, considered my options, and told him I would make a decision and get back to him. Then I set out on a mission to find a new machine, and to bury the old machine.
I called SEARS, only to be lost in a maze of voice recognition options;

1. If you would like to upgrade your Discover Card say: “discover card zirconium”
2. If you would like to see Mr. Goodwrench after he gets out of prison say: “grease job”.
3. If you are in need of appliance warranty information say: “five point type”

And so on... none of the options applied to my simple situation.
Next I called ‘AZ’ Appliance Sales and Repair, who had a full page ad in the Yellow Pages. The nice young lady informed me that they now only repaired appliances. If you want a new one, call Home Depot.

I called another... with similar results.

So finally I called the Excelsior Appliance Store back and told them of my situation, size limitations, and time needs (My oldest dog needs constant cleaning up after). Within the hour Kathy, the young sales woman called me back with a list of options, costs and the time a new 20” top loader could be installed and the old machine removed. I was so relieved I gave them the immediate go-ahead. That was it.

Next morning I left the back door unlocked, and when I came home from work that evening it was installed and the old machine gone. Everything worked great. Only thing is, they forgot to bill me. I drove over to the store and paid them in person (The price by the way, was exceptional).


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