Friday, March 17, 2006

Fast food stories for Friday

The car burst through the front of the Burger King plate glass window. The acne speckled trainee was shocked and looked directly at the car's driver, who was leaning out the driver's side window. "What are you doing?' He asked the driver.
The driver replied: "The sign said - Drive through window!"


Clowns and Food

Ronald Mc Donald rests eerily by the Golden Arches. He sits on a bench, and there is room for you to join him! Is there any question that Ronald is carnivorous? This meat eating clown has sharp canines to rip and shred... not so the European clown. That drawn and pale figure you see is the gentle mime. He is searching for brocolli outside his invisible cube. He is so weak cannot talk, and walking into the wind takes all the strength he can muster.


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