Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Loon Overthrows the Goldfinch in a Coo

I remember watcthing the colorful yellow Goldfinch (Eastern) as it darted through the rose bushes as a child. I never saw many, but I knew from the World Book Encyclopedia that they were the Minnesota State Bird. It maintained this unofficial status until it was overthrown in a round of the 1961 Minnesota State Legislature. They decided the Goldfinch was too common (indeed it is the Iowa state Bird today) and was replaced by the eccentric Loon as the official State Bird. The Loon's most prominent usage is on Automobile Licence Plates and on the Minnesota Lottery Tickets.
Pictured is one of 3 Lottery Tickets I puchased the first week of the Minnesota State Lottery, and never scratched off. They remain a mystery to this day almost 20 years later. They are the only tickets I have ever bought. I do make and eat wild rice soup, the official Minnesota State Soup -really!


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