Monday, April 24, 2006

Luce Line Trail - Clue

I rode my bicycle along the Luce Line on a near perfect riding day. I met with very little traffiic, except for the occasional walker and a horse rider. I am sad to say the walkers were both talking on cell phones, and oblivious to my approach. That said, it was a beautiful, sunny day and I stretched my distance safely on this slow clay surface. The Luce Line is a converted railroad bed, as are most of the bike trails - quietly readying for light rail transit usage.

Rail History from the DNR:
"In 1908, the Electric Short Line Railroad Company was incorporated in Arizona by W. L. Luce and his son, E. D. Luce.
Their plan was to build a railroad from Minneapolis to Brookings, South Dakota, linking many farm communities as yet unserved by a railroad . . . Not long after, a short track was put into operation within Minneapolis.
Westward construction finally began in 1913, when approximately eight miles of track was completed and put into operation between the western city limits of Minneapolis (Glenwood) and Parkers Lake. The following year saw trackage constructed along the northern shore of Lake Minnetonka, past Stubbs Bay, and west to Winsted. By the end of 1915, the fledgling railroad had reached Hutchinson."

I only went as far as Watertown, but it extends more roughly (by my last excursion in 05) much further west.
The neighboring water levels are vey high so that adjacent lakes and ponds press up against the trail, in some places on both sides, for a lovely effect.
I will ride again and explore.


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