Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hunting the willey morel- Minnetonka.

“When the leaves of the oak are just the size of a mushroom, that is the time to hunt for morel”. This sage advice was offered to me by an old neighbor about morel hunting. The season is upon us, but a blast of heat would help.

More advice from Don Jordan, Morel expert:
WHERE TO FIND THEM: Black morels grow in the same kinds of places their later arriving kin, the white/gray and yellow morels grow, they just pop up first. The very best places to look for all these species are areas where there are live or dead elm trees. Even areas that once held elm trees or where there are a few rotting stumps are good spots to look. This is true even in suburban yards. Many city dwellers walk into their yards on an April morning and find morels standing like small spikes in their lawns.

In the past in this blog I have misspelled the name adding an extra “r” to the name. Apologies. I also stated that my search only turned up a vintage pop bottle. Later I found a few, but my search was too late, they had past their prime. but the discovery did offer hope.


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