Thursday, June 01, 2006

Biking Advice to a Friend

First off, you must know that my MS150 is next weekend (June 9 -11th). I am 53, and this may be a tough one. I have one final long training ride ahead.

I will be posting photos of my trip on my blog and FlickR "real time" - so watch for it.

Next: Advice to a friend who is a novice in training:

There are 3 basic methods of putting your foot on the bicycle pedal: (other input from readers is encouraged)

1. Put your foot on top of the pedal. Push down.

2. Place your foot into "stirrups" or "rat traps". These do not lock your feet in, but allow you to better use the full circular pedaling motion. This is what I use, and recommend. Practice the upswing! Practice taking your feet in and removing them from the stirrups.

3 Racing shoes with metal posts that 'lock' feet into the pedal.
These are for the 'guys' you see rocking back and forth at stop lights. Not for touring riders, and touring is what you are going to do.

Jane, these rat traps are the best, - or safest. Here is another suggestion that might surprise you - Get a bell!
Funky yes, practical - yes! Unless you enjoy yelling a lot.



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