Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fishing on Minnetonka - It's Bass

I have never written about fishing on Minnetonka, so I borrowed this information just to give the novice an idea of what 'real fishermen" think about Minnetonka. I should have guessed it was a Bass haven by the $100,000 dollar bass boats lined up at the marinas on any given weekend.

From The Fisherman's Guide:

Lake Minnetonka

14,310 acres; series of small lakes connected by short canals, heavy milfoil, boat docks, rocks, deep water. Rare, indeed, is a lake situated practically within the city limits of a major metropolitan area that ranks as one of the nation’s better bass fisheries, but Lake Minnetonka, located only a dozen miles from Minneapolis, can be classified just that way. Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are present in huge numbers and very respectable sizes here; in fact, largemouth weighing 6 pounds are not at all unusual. The reasons for Minnetonka’s success can undoubtedly be linked primarily to the lake’s heavy growth of Eurasian milfoil, and secondly, perhaps, to the lake’s unusual configuration. Actually, Minnetonka’s 14,310 acres spread across more than a dozen separate lakes (most are actually named bays on the lake maps), all connected by short canals. The entire complex fits within an area just 11 miles long and six miles wide, and embraces 110 miles of shoreline.


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