Thursday, July 13, 2006

Burning Burning... I feel the temperature rising.

The power in Deephaven has gone out twice this week, and the temperature has only hit 92 degrees so far. This does not bode well for Minnetonka area residents where the forecast is for 100+ degrees over the weekend.
Steady there pilgrim.
During the first power outage during rush hour on Monday, Highway 7 clogged up and reverted to a primitive state - stop and go in all directions at semifores.
I personally am going into a Y2K survivalist mode for the next week; Extra gasoline, bottled water, batteries, canned soup, paper plates, solar calculator - and the whole camoflage thing. I also have a year's supply of aspirin.
Now, where did I put those water purification tablets?


Blogger Hank Mann said...

This is not hot-weather related, but kind of Deephaven-utility related. When going thru Deephaven near Carson's Bay, I've noticed that Verizon has no signal at all. This is rare for Verizon, and was wondering if all the carriers have the same problem.

6:37 PM  

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