Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Big Island In The News: From the MCWD website:

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District Managers Attend Big Island Park Ceremony

MCWD Board managers Pam Blixt, Jim Calkins, Jeff Casale, Lee Keeley and Ethel Smith joined the Governor in a short ceremony transferring ownership of Veterans Park on Big Island to the City of Orono.  The MCWD assisted the city in the acquisition by purchasing a perpetual conservation easement over this 56-acre park with more than 7,500 feet of frontage along Lake Minnetonka.  The Governor announced that the park, now renamed Big Island Park, will be “dedicated to those who desire to reclaim, enjoy, and protect the history, the sanctity, and the peacefulness of this precious land, its natural inhabitants, and its natural resources.”

Editors note: It has been called Big Island for over 100 years.


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