Thursday, October 19, 2006

1905 Game Laws for Minnesota

-excerpted from a 1905 Minnetonka Souvenir Booklet.

“License for resident hunters, $1, $10 for small game, $25 for big game. Resident farmers exempt from license for hunting in their respective counties in which they reside.
Open season for turtle doves, snipe, prairie chicken, grouse, woodcock, upland plover and golden plover, Sept. 1- Nov.. 1. Not over 45 birds per hunter.

Open season for quail, partridge, ruffed grouse and pheasants, Oct. 1- Dec.1. Limit per hunter not over 15 birds killed per day, nor more than 50 in possesion of each hunter.

Open season for deer, male moose or male caribou, Nov. 10- Nov. 30. No person to kill more than 2 deer, 1 moose or 1 caribou.

Shipment of game allowed to county where hunter’s license was issued and when tagged.
No game allowed in possession 5 days after the close of open season. No cold storage of game permitted.

No training of hunting dogs in open fields allowed before Sept. 1.”

Minnetonka- Its Natural Beauties and Attractions- S.E. Ellis, Publisher 1906


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