Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Twin Cities Marathon - observations from the street.

I stood curbside on historic Summit Avenue just past the 25 mile mark (The 9 mile mark for those running the 10 mile). A woman just to my left was shouting at 30 second intervals "You're doing a great job! Keep it up". An encouraging chant for a lover, but not for a marathoner with less than one mile to go.
Sitting along the curb a family of about 6 pounded away on thunder sticks. Yeah! Nasty little noise makers.
Target had set up an orange translucent sound tunnel with a loop tape of "The Rocky Theme" and some more contemporary motivating song. In my head, over and over I saw Sylvester Stalone on the Philidelpia steps.
The weather was perfect for a spectator, but a bit warm for the runners. I think the trade off with the inspirational beauty was more than fair.
In the end the race was beautiful and well run. I cheered on the leaders, and thought about next year's 10 mile...


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