Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Winter Snow Recedes


I shoveled for two days our steps and a 100 foot driveway. The mountains of shoveled snow formed a narrow hallway to the street, through which we navigated like the Dardanells. I survived shovleing the snow without a sore back. Our dog Rocky was not as lucky.

Rocky (the black dog ) had a squirrel treed during the blinding snow.
Watching and waiting
The squirrel made a desperate leap from the isolated Crabapple Tree, but was quickly run down by the aging Corgy -mix. I heard a terrific caucophany in the snow and saw Rocky's head swinging and thrashing the squirrel madly about.
....I burried the squirrel in the back woods.
Rocky suffered a solid bite and crunched nose.

Toonie sat by and took notes.


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