Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A Lake Minnetonka Morning 6:15am.

Gray's Bay looking west. The morning sun at my back.
I left my car to walk across 101 and shoot a few of the sunlit homes. I sometimes take an inventory of items left behind, but it was very clean, except for a single well-worn New Balance running shoe. The morning sun beamed underneath the ochre colored bridge. I calmed down. A few mintes earlier a well-acoutremented forty-something bicyclist ran a stop sign directly in front of me. It was a close call for him, and he never even noticed.
I enjoyed the Morning sun.....


Blogger moderate said...

...just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how very much I appreciate your photographs. I grew up in Wayzata and Orono...many, many years ago...and love seeing the old places that have changed and your interpretation of it all. Just great!

Thanks so much

5:07 AM  
Blogger minnetonkafelix said...

Thank you for your kind comments Moderate.

5:53 AM  

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