Thursday, June 05, 2008

Excelsior - Art On the Lake is here!

June 7-8 at the Excelsior Commons.
Excelsior Art By Lake- the Conductor
The art is not really on "the Lake" physically, nor is the subject matter Lake Minnetonka exclusively. The event is a gathering of regional fine artists, craftsmen, and local organizations in the Excelsior Commons area next to the Lake.
Parking is street side,or in the local lots, and it is a bit of an irritation for both parker and local residents. Such is the event. I am going to attend wearing my "Minnetonkascenes 1" T-shirt and carrying my user friendly digital camera. That should garner a lot of er.... something.
Let's hope the weather is amicable.
Excelsior Art By Lake - Marla Mullaney
Photo from last year. Will Excelsior artist Marla Mullaney make a return to Art By the Lake?


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