Monday, June 30, 2008

The Tour De Tonka 2008

Saturday, August 2, 2008
NEW START: Event begins at Minnetonka High School
Gwyn 952 401 6842

3 courses, all ages, all abilities. 15 mile, 33mile and 65 mil options.
Registrants receive t- shirt, ride support and door prizes.

OK, that is the official information.- Before I go any further let me say this will be a GREAT family ride! Part of the donations go to the ICA food shelf, and part to the Minnetonka Community Education Center.
The ride is very well run and monitored for safety.
Last year I participated in the 3rd annual ride. I had some criticism..... but then I always have some criticism. I wanted to see the lake more, and catch more sun. My #8 lotion was untouched.
The 2007 ride took place during a 6 week draught. BUT - on the day of the event it rained - to every one’s consternation.
After the ride the draught returned. The lack of rain reeked havoc on my plants, lawn and bicycling psyche. That’s Minnesota.
I hope cyclists give it an easy-going shot.


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