Friday, June 13, 2008

A party list

Found lists
Frequent readers of this blog (Thank you Bill) may know, I have an odd habit of picking up discarded shopping lists and interpreting them. You may conclude - this is as a sort-of voyeurism, but each tossed-away list is an insight into another person’s life, mundane or exciting. It records what the hapless shopper is willing to write down to themself alone. No text messages here.
This list is just plain fun. There is a party goin on. I have my interpretation. But please, be my guest. Note: - initial caps are theirs:

On a 4X5 lined recipé card:

• Paper Towels
• TP - Editor's note; (toilet paper)
• Snacks?
• Solo cups
• Ping Pong Balls
• 36 pack condoms
• Ice


Blogger Just Roaming The Cities said...

Last time I visited your blog I must've missed this one! I think this list thing is really hilarious, and yes, it is an insight to peoples lives. Of course the funniest thing on the list is the fact that it actually says "36-pack of Condoms". I mean, if you were going to buy those, would you write it down, not keep it on the DL? And why 36? Not 24 or 12? Was it going to be a really exciting night?
I am pondering along with you on this one.

7:56 AM  

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