Thursday, July 03, 2008

The Cottagewood General Store July 3

Cottagewood General Store July 3, 2008
I stopped off on the way to work for an early morning photo of the General Store, the day before the annual 4th of July Celebration which begins at around 9am.
This is a very family oriented, quaint throwback to the early 1900s. The annual Cottagewood event features the world's shortest 4th of July Parade @ 10am. Be there on time or you will miss it.
Other events remind me of the "church bazaars" I attended when I was a yute; cake walk (kids walk, cakes don't), a fishing pond, raffle, other kids games. You can also gawk at the new homes in the neighborhood, or just wander aound and look at the decorated dogs, bikes and tricycles. Buy a t-shirt, eat a hot dog.


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