Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Christmas Lake - small yet deep.

I turned onto Christmas Lake Road just to see what I could see. I have always like the name - "Christmas Lake", kind of like "Pilot Knob Road" or "Carefree Highway". Well, it was sunny and I saw a very small, pretty, hidden lake off Highway 7 surrounded by very lovely homes (not visible in photo). I thought the lake's name had some Yule connection, but I was surprised to find the lake was named after Hennepin County's first surveyor - Charles W. Christmas.
Christmas Lake

Borrowed from Wikepedia:
"Christmas Lake is a spring-fed lake covering approximately 257 acres* (1.0 km2) in the western Minneapolis suburb of Shorewood. The lake is crossed by the border of Hennepin and Carver counties, with most of the area lying within the jurisdiction of the former. Christmas Lake is known for its exceptional water clarity, the best in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, with a DNR reported clarity level of 18.75 feet (5.72 m). This clarity can be attributed to the fact that Christmas Lake is a spring fed lake with a sandy bottom. Although relatively small in area, Christmas Lake becomes very deep very quickly, with a maximum depth of 87 ft (27 m), forming the basin of a depression that extends all along the rim of the lake and is known as the Ridge. The steep nature of the shoreline means that many houses are built far above the lake, and have railed motorized carts to provide access to the docks at the water level."

*Minnetonka is 14,000 acres and 113 ft deep max.


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