Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mystery Pink Pig sightings propound

Mystery Pink Pig Returns
Along the south east side of Lake Minnetonka I have seen Pink Pigs. No explanation is given for this preponderance of pork, except that, as I have said; "This is the year of the Pig". Chocolate covered bacon. Bacon flavored vodka. Chunky Bacon on a stick. This may simply be the extension of a cultural phenomenon.
I have stopped into "Petunias" in Excelsior and spoke with Petunia herself. I have called the Lake Salon. They love their Pigs, but have no explanation for them except to say they showed up one day on their doorstep as orphans. The pigs have been seen moving around the Lake area without atribution.
pigs eye salon
bay of pig

Where's Petunia?Can you find the Mystery Pig?
Mystery Pink Pig at a suspicious local


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