Monday, December 01, 2008

My Plans for Excelsior in December "Be Prepared."

One of the most popular posts in this blogs history was my coverage of Excelsior's "Polar Plunge'on January 1. It is an annual event that I covered last year and experienced one of the bitingest and coldest days in recent memory. Half-way through my photographing and documentation, my camera batteries froze. Foolishly, I had not brought along warm replacements. I had forgotten my years of Boy Scout training. Thus I had to salvage my photogrphic documentation with the few shots I had taken. None the less, the post was popular.
This year I will be better prepared for this frigid event. I will bring 2 cameras and heavy winter wear - if it is needed. As I have said before, I have mixed emotions about a voluntary 30 seceond event that requires paramedics within arms reach.
Stay tuned.


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