Tuesday, October 05, 2010

“Its Deja Vü all over again” - Yogi Berra*

DAMN YANKEES! A brief revisit to the play based on “The year the Yankees lost the pennant” A 1954 novel by Douglass Wallop
Senators "Damn Yankees"

Joe Boyd was a struggling salesman with mediocrity seemingly a goal, but he loved the Washington Senators. He identified with their hapless struggles. His wife Meg spelled the situation out clearly. "If the only Senators had a decent long ball hitter, they might win the pennant.. Damn Yankees!"
As Joe lay in bed one night he was fixated.
“I would sell my soul if the Senators could beat the Yankees”
In an instant the devil named Applegate appeared and granted Joe his wish. He became the baseball phenom “Joe Hardy” and walked onto the playing field to lead the Senators to an amazing winning streak, and into the championship...

Calvin Griffith’s Washington Senators left the Minnesota Twins a legacy

* I will close with a few more Yogi Berrisms:

• Nothing is like it seems, but everything is exactly like it is.

• The future isn't what it used to be.

• You can see a lot by just looking.


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