Thursday, June 09, 2011

Art On The Lake In Excelsior This Weekend

Minnetonkascenes will be on the scenes at “Art on the Lake” this weekend. I will be giving out awards in my own mind.
1rst qualification is that the artist must allow me to take a photograph. No photo, no imaginary award.

2nd qualification
- that no popsicle sticks were detroyed in the production of the artwork.
I am an artist, but I do not have the mental stamina to exhibit at an outdoor art fair. These talented individuals enjoy (sometimes) and endure (always) drive-by commentary and criticism.
Excelsior Art By Lake- the Conductor

My Imaginary Categories:

1. Best “Lake-related” artwork.
2. Best Sofa-Size Art - this may include sofas.
3. My Favorite - eccentric.
4. Best Pet


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