Sunday, September 11, 2011

Apple daze in Excelsior

Apple Days

It was a warm Saturday, even at 8:30am. I wandered thro ugh the booths filled with hand painted sheet metal yard ornaments, bad velevet John F.Kennedy portraits (Camelot that!) and maps of Lake Minnetonka galore. Here and there an apple stand, honey booth, or a 100% pure beef a foot long corn dog stand. Apple days.
I perused the antiques, which now are composed of actual items I grew up with. I felt a bit uneasy.
Later in the day there was an antique boat show at Maynards, but I balked for time limitations and fear of seeing Joe Soucheray.
I bought a 1967 Look Magazine Special Edition called "20 years of flying saucers". That made me feel better than the free standing plastic clown that was leering at me.


Toy Trucks

honey bears


Happiness is a warm clown


ready kilowatt


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That guy in the popcorn trailer looks a lot like John Felix!

7:24 AM  

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