Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A visit to Smithtown Road in Tonka Bay -continued.

I was searching out old Beetles. On a tip I went to Tonka Bay Auto, where I found a few. I had a Kharmann Ghia for years, it was my signature car.... and reflecting on this, it was a pretty lousy signature. But I drove it for years, taking my life in my hands each time with bad brakes, no heat and rusty rocker panels.

VW special

300 EEP!


A note from the History of the Beetle Web site:

"The history of the Beetle started in 1934 when in the Hall of Berlin Adolf Hitler announced that the car had not to be an exclusive privilege of the rich. To Ferdinand Porsche, defined by him as "the most famous designer of all time", he entrusted the assignment to construct the Volkswagen (the people's car)"


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