Sunday, February 05, 2012

The end of Water Street

The Dock

Tinsel town terminus.

The main street in Excelsior is named Water Street. It travels gently down to the Port of Excelsior docks, so the name "Water Street" is appropriate but unimaginative. On the same main street, About 75 yards from the Lake is "The Dock" movie theater, named with similar aplomb.
With a bit more fun, about 3 doors down, right next to Excelsior Books, is "Noah's Pet Supplies on Water Street. I think they should have an annual two-fer sale.
I have written before about names and how a bad name can predetermine failure. I have had a strong aversion to "Herbergers", a clothing store that sounds more like a chain r restaurant franchise. And I would love to meet the committee who cammme up with "Mervyns, of California". The "California" add on showed a complete lack of aplomb.

Names that I like; "Snickers", Arm & Hammer, Fats Domino and Chubby Checkers, Gale Storm. Lead Zeppelin.Captain Crunch.



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