Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Sonny Day- at Cub

"The Lincoln Continental was one of Sonny Corleone's favorite cars during the 1940s. At the day of his assassination, Sonny drove a 1941 Lincoln Continental when he was about to go after Carlo Rizzi. When he arrived at the Jones Beach Causeway toll booth on Long Island he was brutally murdered by Barzini hit men using tommy guns which also severly damaged his car."

lincolnc 41


The classic car collector. Are they vanishing like the cars they loving preserve and cherish? I watched as a group of auto-philes assembled in a lot across from Target. Each driver waited in anticipation as another old flame cruised into the lot. They peered under the hoods, assuring other drivers that the hoses and seals were still strong and plyable enough to be pumping fluids.


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