Monday, April 02, 2012

Goin Spasso

Going to Spasso

People have asked me how I like "Spasso". I have written about it a few years ago. I decided to go again. It is exactly three miles from my house, so that is always a plus.

...more to come....

We were seated in the center of the main dining room. Booths and a divider topped with Easter Lilies separated us from the classic mirrored oaken bar. It is difficult to shoot photos properly and unasumingly using my aging 5 megapixel camera in a room with romantic lighting. I hold on to this camers like and old blanket. Needless to say my food shots were rejects.

To the side, sitting in a booth, was a lovely family enjoying dinner. As if to make sheer folley of my efforts, they were producing on-the-spot production quality photos and a family video with ease with a phone/camera. I could see the results in the father’s large LCD display and I was impressed at the quality.

Oh, The restaurant. I am often critical of the cloying descriptions used in restaurant reviews. So, I compliment the staff for courtesy, attentiveness and the food for being simply and well prepared. I had veal marsala. My wife had a stone baked pizza. Delicious salads.
We split a gelato banana split. I was going to photograph it. It would have been a showcase dessert photo, but before I realized it..... it was gone.



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