Monday, June 11, 2012

A visit to Excelsior's Art on the Lake 2012

Excelsior poster

The temperature was hovering around 90. I walked the rows of tents at the Art on the Lake. I recognized a few artists. The heat kept the number of pets down, but the Lake sparkled with boats of all types.

I purchased a very small piece of salt- fired ceramic, from an artist whose worked had a bit of Wiccan imagery. She illustrated how she tossed salt onto the ceramics before firing at a very high temperature.

lady oft the lake

Here is The Gateway to the Excelsior Commons, the Port of Excelsior. A young woman poses by the Lady of the Lake Tour Boat. I piggybacked on another photographer's shot.

Best doggie

My "Best Pet" award goes to Guinness. A real charmer.

The glass fish

My Best Fish Award goes to these wonderful leaded glass fish.

Steve Palmer

Steve Paler recieves my "Most Lakeworthy" award for his blown glass, and looking a bit like Hemmingway.

handy work

Red Bird, blue flowers

By Harlin



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