Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Last House on the Lake

A noble ice house I never got around to writing about the legendary Swede Sven, who accidentally invented ice fishing in 1888. As the story goes: Sven's little log cabin shack slipped from the banks of Lake Minnewashta during an ice and rain storm and settled onto the frozen lake surface in the winter of 88. Sven, being an opportunist recognized the efficiency of this situation, and took up winter residence right there on the spot. Soon Sven discovered that there was no need to even wander from his shack to fish, he yust cut a hole in the floor and sat back and fished. So it went.

The short, unlucky month of February slipped away to the occasionl rumble of my snowblower. Now comes "March". They call it that for a reason. The ice houses must go - "Now March!" From The DNR: "Minnesota’s ice fishing shelter removal dates are approaching, and dark houses, fish houses and portables must be off Lake Minnetonka no later than midnight on March 4. Enforcement action will be taken if shelters are left after the deadlines. Those not removing shelters will be prosecuted. Conservation officers may remove the structure and confiscate or destroy it. It is also unlawful to store or leave a shelter at a public access."


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