Monday, March 10, 2014

Visitng the rich and Famous (Famous Daves Minnetonka)

The Famous Daves’ delivery truck singes the crusty snow outside the Minnetonka location. We stop in for a Sunday dinner, and Famous Daves classic BBQ entrees. I am the old guy in the restaurant taking pictures of my french fries. Only by quirky coincidence is the logo “Horsepower” visible in the photo of my wife’s Saint Louis ribs single slab. French fry portions are as shown, and I will say, a bit stingy. We are seated outside of the main customer concourse, in a corner with the picture of a stealty hunter. I am unsure if he hits is target, but his Malin 30 -30’s flash is visible. My seat is flanked by an old wet of fishing rods and reels.


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