Monday, February 02, 2015

Kowalskis on Waterstreet Excelsior Illustrated

It was once Mason Auto. Inside Masons there were signs touting it as one of the top award winning GM dealerships in the country. I remember this because my wife’s vehicle was serviced there and she enjoyed their service. Mason Motors is gone now. And after some wrangling the empty lot will be filled again. The prime attraction will be Kowalski's Groceries. One has an insight into the marketing approach of Kowlskis when you look carefully at the artist rendering. The cars in the parking lot all seem to be small, compact vehicles with no luxory SUVs. Does this foreshadow a youth marketing orientation or simply the illustrator’s vision. 

kowalski_market Note: Also,the illustrator envisions a half-full lot. One must assume this was a conscious decision. The illustrator, no doubt, is envisioning a Kowlaskis with a fair percentage of walking or bicycling customers. As an artist I can say I have done these illustrations and they are considerations.


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