Monday, June 08, 2015

The State High School Track Meet At The Hamline University Track

Balmy weather created the perfect atmosphere. The stadium was jam packed, to the point that I had to sit in a remote section of bleachers on the first turn. Spectators crowded the railings to watch the Class AA Championship Boys and Girls Meet, which ran till 1pm. I did not stay for the A. Wayzata won the team Boys AA Championship. I won’t attempt to detail the names of the winners, and their times. Many Girls records fell as the meet events transpired. The meet was very well planned. The crowd was teaming with current or previous track runners, easily identified by their t-shirts and running shoes. A young woman behind me was very knowlegable and knew the record times and distances inside out. My little purple 15 dollar Casio did not score any points for precision. Or was it me?

Similarly, I need a better camera if I need to zoom in on these gazelle movements and expect reasonable results. All my blurry photos were shot at a distance.


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