Monday, July 06, 2015

Excelsior Firecracker Races 2015

Overhead there was a buzzing like a giant mosquito. The pesty sound drown out the ‘pumped’ music playing to motivate the 3 waves of runners. The Mile, 5K and 10 K runners lined up and headed out 15 minutes later than scheduled. Organizers said it was due to a pickup truck parked on the course, in front of Maynards. I think that excuse is used for a lot of things.... but once the word came across the wires that the street was cleared, the races began.

It is a confusing event. Runners from the longer races melding and overlapping at the finish line. Hell bent for leather 10 K runners weaving theoir way to the finish among the slower 5K runners. That in mind it is a fun run. I could nothelp but wonder if my watch was right, the times I had on mywatch seemed out of synch with the runners and their speeds. So I will post photos.


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