Saturday, May 28, 2005


“Signs, signs, every where a sign. Don’t do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?”.... Remember that crummy song from 1971 (I think). Well, speaking of signs, I have posted a photo of one of the local signs about rules on Lake Minnetonka. Remember, NO SPEARING of Muskalunge. 40 lb. Minimum.
I hung up my fishing spear years ago, along with my brush spikes for sprinting. The brush spikes were outlawed by the Olympic Games Committee in 1968. It was thought that these shoes with hundreds of tiny little spikes gave sprinters too much grip on a tartan track surface. Anabolic steroids were not even in the picture then.

The other new picture posted is a picture of the local Cottagewood General Store which the sign says is CLOSED - but now it is now open. Barbeques every Friday night. Americana preserved circa 1890.
My final sign story comes from my health club- The Crosstown/Northwest Racquet Club. I was working out and I noticed a sign on the Nautilus-like weight equipment. Printed In bold red lettering:
I turned to a Personal Trainer who was standing nearby and said. “You know, that would make great copy for a T-shirt.” He looked at me, and then he carefully explained to me that the sign meant that for your own safety you should not get too close while someone was using the exercise apparatus.I could hear the 747 soaring over his head.

I always look for signs and symbols that would make cryptic t-shirts. I think I am going to make a t-shirt for myself with the ever-present “Check engine” symbol that is glowing on my VW dashboard.

Friday, May 27, 2005

the lake rules!

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Simple rules for all of us.

The old general store-Cottagewood

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Free ride

The roads are narrow, the scenes are magnificent. I ride my aging Trek 410 around Lake Minnetonka. This year I have neglected riding because of the weather and my own eye problems (I have glaucoma and my eyes were reacting severly to my medication. Any sun and/or wind were intolerable). The problem is now solved.
While riding there is a 'turning' feeling as you round Minnetonka. You keep seeing the Lake from differnt and beautiful angles. I ride early to avoid traffic and I can see the early morning boaters hitching trailers and loading supplies into their trucks. My circular east side of the lake route is 21 miles, and takes me through Excelsior, Tonka Bay, Minnetonka Beach, Wayzata and back to Deephaven. When I moved here 15 years ago it took me just slightly over an hour. Now, lets just say, it takes a bit longer.
This long weekend will allow me, weather permitting, to get out there and ride!

Monday, May 23, 2005

The Search lacks warmth

Warmth. This weekend the little bits of sun were offset by humid winds. Sailboats were challenged, but they (sailors) were out there on the Lake - along with cyclists on the trails who hunched down and rode, either 15th gear or in 1rst gear, to whichever wind direction applied.
The lack of warmth pretty well tabled my search for mushrooms. I was satisfied running indoors, lifting weights and dinner at Biellas in Excelsior.


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The sun breaks out, but with 40 mille per hour winds

Friday, May 20, 2005


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Still waiting

Morrell Mushrooms- from the gloom

It has rained for 33 of the last 40 days here in Minnesota. The lights in my house are on all day. The gloom is palpable. The docks around the lake are populated only with covered boats. I have ventured out to photograph the seasonal flurry of boating ramp activity to find rainslicker weather with a few fishermen. The cool, wet weather is oppressive,but we press on.
One bit of anticipated excitement. With a little warmth this will be Morrel mushroom weather. My heavily wooded lot may hold these little treasures, and this weekend I will do a search. In the past (last year) I discovered a handful of the Morrells, an old pair of reading glasses, and 1/2 of a turn of the century pop bottle (19th century). Eureka!
Stay tuned for photos of the results of the hunt.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Lost and Baying At The Moon

Minnetonka Bays.
Needless to say when I drove my Chriscraft around the Lake in 1994-6 I often got lost. If I stayed out after dark I was subject to the confusion, then panic that a novice boater feels trying to sort out all the Bays on Lake Minnetonka. The landmarks one looks for look dark and they all look somewhat familiar. The many mansions become silloettes - only the backlit windows stand out.

The Bays are numerous: Greys Bay, Wayzata Bay, Robinson's Bay, St. Lous Bay, Carson's Bay, Excelsior Bay, St.Albans Bay, Gideon's Bay, Echo Bay, Lafayette Bay, East & West Crystal Bays, Maxwell's Bay, Stubbs Bay, Carmons Bay, Old Channel Bay, Spring Park Bay, Jenning's Bay, Harrison Bay, Priest's Bay, Halsted's Bay, Cook's Bay, Smithtown Bay, Phelps Bay and finally Brown's Bay - but there probably are more. Without a moon one might as well just drop anchor.

I don't have a boat anymore.

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Cutting Edge

I ran down the trail on a recent moonlit winter night - it was 10pm. I ran about 3 Miles on an icy, crushed clay and gravel surface. The temperature was around 17 degrees. No problem running, I have run at much colder temperatures.
As I ran I spot a runner approaching me with a strange, unbalanced stride - yet quite fast.
At this dark, late hour, one always approaches another runner with caution and courtesy. Both of us were running quite fast, so we closed the ground between us quickly. 20 feet away from me I note that he was carrying a long object - He was carrying a sword! One of those long curving swords used by Persian soldiers and pirates. I am confident in my own sprinting speed and I plan a quick 45 degree sprint to the main highway if need calls.
I say hello, but he passes without a word.
Life by Lake Minnetonka has its oddities.


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Not everyone has a yacht

end of the block

end of the block
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A quiet sunday morning

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

A Ninteenth Century Tale

Deephaven Minnesota. On a cool spring day in 1847 a young wife prepared apple pies for her husband and son, who were away on daily business. She set her pies out on the window sill to cool. She had canned the applesin fall and now, in pies, they were quite a treat.
A sudden clammor of excitement, and chaos erputed as a band of mounted Lakota Sioux rushed up to her log house (the house still exists, with the contemporary additions of central air and a Satellite TV dish) and took her pies. She stood in shock as they hurriedly rode away, but a trailing warrior rushed up and dropped a freshly killed deer as payment on her doorstep. Then quickly, following his fellows, he fled .
Moments later a band of Blackfoot raced past her house in pursuit of the Lakota.
The woman stared at the deer carcass. - Unknown to her she had just provided the first 'drive through'.
A simple, true story that took place near my house in 1847.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Stillwater Minnesota

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Just north of Stillwater

May 2 Uncertain Winds Blow onthe Lake

Uncertian winds blow accross the Lake (Minnetonka). My dog 'Rocky' watches the horizon. it has snowed a hard "pelty" sort of snow all Sunday. I sleep only half the night, then listen to Art Bell to pass the hours. I have deams of my father who has long passed away 19 years ago.
I have a show of my new work opening this Friday at the gallery(The AZ I have only half the work I should have, but such is life. I have destroyed more work than I have created, but on the plus side, some new work has survivied the carnage.