Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Ghosts On Minnetonka for Halloween

I saw dark shadowy figures by the lake tonight. Was it James J. Hill pensively pacing along the Wayzata lakefront train line, figuring out ways to infuriate the Wayzata Town Council? Was it Frank Lloyd Wright (my uncle worked with him by the way) trying to build another structurally flawed house? Or...was it Art Garfunkel trying to find a back up hit to "2nd Avenue"... no, he's still alive. Maybe it was just a Paul Newmanlike apparition trying to put a little more zing into his organic dressing.

We need more shadows around here. - We need more ghosts by Lake Minnetonka. Ghosts with gravitas. St. Paul has F. Scott Fitzgerald haunting the Commodore Hotel - Martini anyone? Waverly is proud as punch of the ghost of Hubert Humphrey. Judy Garland can still be heard clicking her heals together to get the heck out Grand Rapids. Minnesota Public Radio has the ghost of GarrisonKeilor on weekly.

But the Lake grows quiet.


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